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What is the cause of the phone data cable not charging?


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The mobile phone data cable is used every day, but as far as I personally, I often encounter such problems when charging. The most common one is that the mobile phone data cable cannot be charged, so what is the mobile phone data cable cannot be charged? What caused the cause?
Basic introduction of mobile phone data cable
The phone data cable is the cable used to connect the phone to the computer. Generally, there are few dedicated data lines. The common phenomenon is that one data line can be used for a variety of mobile phone models. Some models have more exaggerated data lines. One line can use 30-40 different types of mobile phones.
At present, the problem commonly encountered by data line vendors is that the customer reflects that the data line cannot be used. If you are sure that the shipment has not been sent wrong, most customers will not use the data line. First look at the software inside the CD to support the customer's mobile phone model, if you do not support you can go online to download a corresponding software, so the general problem will be solved. The key point is that the data lines are universal and the software is not universal. There is currently no particularly good way, after all, there are too many mobile phone models.
What should I do if the phone data cable cannot be charged?
1. It may be powered off. If your phone connected to the data cable has been charged for a long time, the phone is not fully charged. You need to check it carefully to see if the power button of the socket has been forgotten to open or the area is powered off. Be sure to check if the power is unblocked. .
2. The plug of the data cable connection is not plugged in. Is it too careless or too flustered that the port that connects to the phone has no plug-in area, or the interface that is connected to the power supply is not properly installed. At this time, you need to re-insert the data cable carefully, and then observe whether the phone can be charged.
3. The base of the charger has a problem. Check if the base of the charger is connected to the power supply. The verification method is very simple. Unplug it and connect the data cable to the computer. If the computer can charge the phone, then the base is not bad.
4. The interface of the data cable connected to the mobile phone is broken. If you suspect that the interface of your data cable connected to the mobile phone is broken, you can try it out on your friend's mobile phone. When you try it out, be sure to know if your charger supports charging your mobile phone.
True and false identification of mobile phone data lines
In the Lightning interface part, the main difference lies in the work difference between the gold finger chip part and the entire metal frame. When the original data cable is slipped over with the nail, you will notice the flatness of the original data cable, while the surface of the data cable of the cottage version is uneven. After fully disassembling, the original line's workmanship process is also better than the cottage data line connector work.
The original data line rubber surface will be printed with the English word made by Apple, and the iPhone version of the iPhone5s data cable will not necessarily be engraved. The difference within the line is more pronounced than the external distinction. The original data line has a shielded wire and a metal mesh, while the cottage data cable has no metal mesh. The role of the metal mesh is more to connect the ground wire, which will make the data cable work in a safer environment.
In addition, the original data cable will have a separate yellow anti-break line, and the cottage version does not. If the wire rubber is further peeled off, the inner copper wire material will obviously be thicker. Here again, the role of each wire in the line is popularized, taking the original line as an example: green and white lines represent data transmission; red power supply; yellow line can play a role of prevention.
Finally, the resolution method of the USB terminal is analyzed. The first is the color distinction, the original Apple line USB end internal plastic color is consistent, and the depth inside the hole is higher. Non-original colors are inconsistent and the depth in the holes is shallow. Compared with the original data line, the LOGO on the USB plastic port of the cottage line may be reversed.
In the process of disassembly, the original USB Data Cable is very difficult to open, because the work is more elaborate. It uses an injection molding process to fix the wire more stably. The original data cable is not glued. It is very easy to break the wire and eventually cause a short circuit. This is because of the possibility of damage to the device. Of course, it is still possible to see that the copper technology of the original line is more sophisticated.

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